Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Email service

The email service is based on an annual fee with an agreed number of emails per month dependent on requirement. These can be used at anytime throughout the year. This includes using them all in one month if necessary. However, if usage is exceptionally high, we reserve the right to limit a single month’s activity or to recommend an alternative service – e.g. one to one phone call or a face to face visit where this is more relevant.

We will always work with other business support organisations and endeavour to offer the most appropriate advice.

Direct Business Advice Ltd will make best endeavour to respond to general emails. However in the event that email requests include work that is deemed more complex than can be addressed solely by email and which may therefore require significant further research, we reserve the right to make an additional charge or to recommend an alternative and more suitable service which may involve additional cost that will be agreed up front.

Minimum 12 month contract applies. Service available 9am – 5pm Monday - Friday Excluding Bank Holidays. Charges agreed as per Letter of engagement. Emails are limited to specified email address.

DBA SME Academy

Minimum 12 month contract applies. Charges agreed as per Letter of engagement.

Face to face/telephone

This service is only charged when specific business advice is being sort or when it has been agreed as necessary due to the complexity of the request received through the email service. The service can be over the telephone or an internet service such as, but not exclusive to, Skype.

Minimum call charges apply available on request. Charges agreed as per Letter of engagement.

One to one

The one to one service will be on a pre-arranged appointment basis and will take place on client site or at a Direct Business Advice venue. In the event that the one to one is on the client site a charge will be made for travelling at 45p per mile for the full return journey. The rate will be agreed as per the letter of engagement
Payment will be by invoice payable within 14 days.

Bespoke services

Direct Business Advice Ltd (DBA) provides services to our Clients through our Client Management Team. Our aim is to ensure an effective transfer of skills and knowledge, in order to gain the commitment of Client personnel and their full involvement in the delivery of the project / planned work.

To ensure successful completion of bespoke work, each project / planned actions should have a nominated Client sponsor and, if relevant, a nominated client project leader to ensure that agreed milestones are adhered to. If the client cannot provide such resource, we reserve the right to appoint such individual at the client’s cost.

Fees payable

All costs are quoted in £ sterling.
Costs are for the project described in the letter of agreement.
The following additional costs relating to the project will be added:-
Any unique costs incurred. These costs will be agreed before they are incurred.
All specific travel and reasonable expenses. (Where applicable)
Car mileage at 45p per mile. (Where applicable)

VAT will be applied to the above at prevailing rates.


Invoices will be sent out regularly throughout the period of the assignment, in order to recover costs as they are incurred.


DBA operate at competitive rates, which can only be sustained if payment is made in accordance with these terms.
Fees and expenses are due no later than 28 calendar days from the date of invoice.
Invoices, which are not settled within 28 calendar days, will be subject to an additional charge of 0.5% for each week or part of a week that they remain unpaid.
Payment due from Clients from outside the UK must be made by direct transfer into the DBA account at our Bank, and should not be made by a cheque requiring clearance through another bank.
The DBA bank account details are as follows:

3 Cambridge Street
North Yorkshire
HG1 1PE Sort code 53-50-21 Account No. 36671878

The client should meet all charges incurred to transfer a payment in order to ensure that the net amount received in the DBA account is the invoiced amount.

Guarantee of Services

DBA are responsible for the quality of work personally carried out by our staff and the quality of advice and guidance given to our Client’s Management.

It is our belief that the successful completion of a project also depends upon the Client’s ability to manage the project and implement the advice and guidance provided by DBA, and as such, DBA cannot be held liable for the clients’ failure to manage the project / planned actions satisfactorily.