Executive Strategy Workshops

As an owner manager or Director you will appreciate the importance of developing and implementing an effective strategic plan.

How much time do you actually give to this vital process? - Harvard Business School research shows that 85 percent of Executive Leadership teams spend less than one hour a month discussing strategy with 50 percent spending no time at all.

Direct Business Advice can help you to bring focus, innovation and professionalism to your Strategic Planning. We provide a carefully crafted, structured and professionally facilitated Strategy Workshop that can help you to regain the energy and enthusiasm in the top team to ensure the business goals and objectives are achieved.

Our Executive Strategy Workshops provides the following benefits:

  • Increases and improves the understanding of the business - where it has come from, where it is now and, most importantly where it intends to be in the future. In depth discussion of the key areas of the business makes sure that all functions and departments in the business have a common goal and a common understanding of what is required to achieve it.
  • Ignites interest and challenges current thinking – to be effective, strategic thinking should always challenge the status quo and look to overturn assumptions. In this way innovation and creativity are encouraged.
  • Focuses minds – our Strategy Workshops not only focus minds on the task in hand and the challenges ahead but also develop managers’ strategic thinking skills in a practical and interactive way.

By taking the Top Team off site, our Executive Workshops remove the day to day distractions and allow full concentration on the task in hand. We peel the company back layer by layer and look in depth at the actions required to achieve the future ambitions and aspirations of the business.

We run Executive Workshops for all aspects of your business including Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Finance & Forecasting and Management Information.

We do NOT abandon you to your plan, we are specialists in IMPLEMENTATION:

Direct Business Advice specialise in Implementation
We work with you to agree action plans for Implementation
Regular performance reviews ensure continued success through Implementation

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Service Improvement Workshop

Myth Buster - Service Improvement is not just for manufacturers!!

Whatever the size and type of business you run you can benefit from the application of the principles of lean process development.

Sounds complicated? It needn’t be. We can help you to examine the key areas of your business that would benefit from improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

You will no doubt have heard about using the principles of Six Sigma, Kaizen/Continuous Improvement, lean production methods and other techniques to improve your business and develop your competitive edge but may be unsure how to apply them practically?

Fear not, our half day Taster Session explains how these straightforward techniques can be applied to your business to help to:

  • Reduce waste
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce unnecessary stock
  • Develop a ‘Just in Time’ approach
  • Involve the workforce in improving and developing the way forward

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Board/senior management meeting

Are your Board Meetings boring?

Are they held infrequently and lack direction?

You are not alone, many of the businesses that we have worked with have had a similar approach to these important sessions.

As a result, these Board Meetings can be a huge waste of valuable time because they are not run effectively.

Our team can help you to turn your Board Meetings into a valuable source of input and guidance for a management team in the pursuit of maximising efficiency and effectiveness.

There are many different ways to approach and run a Board Meeting and we work with you to develop the best approach for you and your team.

Whatever the overall structure might be, we will chair the meeting to provide truly impartial advice through:

  • Establishing regular meeting dates
  • Effective meetings with set agendas
  • Agreed content meaningful minutes
  • Agreed actions with timescales and responsibilities for those actions

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