The right systems help to drive successful businesses, whether you are a service provider or a manufacturer.

We can show you how:

  • the smart use of IT can save you time and money.
  • to source plant & machinery to boost production.
  • to find the right premises to suit your growth.

And our role doesn’t stop there; once you are up-and-running we will work with you to keep a constant eye on quality control.

  • Business Management System – on line for business
  • Business Management System – on line for Accountants
  • System Integration
  • Review of operational systems and procedures
Business Management System – Online for business

Think of emails, contacts, documents, To Do lists, time sheets, calendars and everything else you need to operate day-to-day. All together that is your Head Quarters (HQ). The nerve centre of the day to day operations.

And because no man - or woman - is an island, we've made HQ perfect for your team too.

Every piece of information stored in HQ can be automatically shared with colleagues with a rapid search that takes just seconds.

Just type in a word and HQ will provide you with every related document almost instantly.

The powerful database and indexing allows you to create, store, search and retrieve virtually all your organisation's data in one location.

Review of Operational Systems & Procedures

In our experience many companies have a number of IT systems and a wide range of specific software.

Our expert advisers can review the systems in use and where appropriate advise on how to maximise them to the full. We have many examples where in some cases only 5-10% of a system was being used to maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Our service includes:

  • System Review
  • System Analysis
  • System recommendation

Contact us to discuss how we can help info@directbusinessadvice.co.uk